Last Call for Custom Orders

July 22, 2019


Good afternoon!!  I hope you all have had a great summer thus far.  I cannot believe we are on the downhill slope, and actually I am scheduled to go back to work at my part time job as a Lab Coordinator at a local college August 1st!  (eek!) 


I had such great expectations for this summer- finish all the custom orders on my list, try out some new purse styles, develop my own pattern, play with new fabric- you get the idea.  Let's just say I did not acomplish any of that.  However, I've learned to not freak out as much when I don't get all the boxes checked off on my to-do list.  I've learned that as a mom, as a mother and as a child of God (most importantly) that the most important things to get done in 24 hours, usually are not on my to-do list.  


Do you get what I am saying?  Here are some things that are not on my "list" today, that I WANT to always trump anyting on my list...


1. Snuggling and talking with my girls 

2. Snuggling and talking with my husband

2. Sitting down for dinner together to talk about nothing (but it means everything)

3. Just sitting outside on the patio with my phone INSIDE and my eyes ON them playing.  It's amazing how many times they look my way to see if I just saw what they just did or just said.

4. Taking them swimming and watching them have fun while I am sweating like a pig.

5. Going for a walk or bike ride to the park together as a family

6. Hanging out and listening to Adventures in Odyssee and really listening and lauging along with them,

7. Spending time with God on the patio in the early morning when the rest of the world is asleep. (could do this for hours!)


All these things are generally hard for me because I don't like to sit.  I like to move!  I like to be doing, reading, sewing, facebooking, Etsying, emailing.... my girls get older, my Lord is teaching me to sit.  To watch.  To listen.  To be available.  


Why am I telling you all this?  I am telling you this because I'm tired and maybe a little burned out.  I have ran my business out of my home for 5 years. When I started I was homeschooling and trying to get the business to take off.  Then once it took off (which seemed like overnight) we sent the girls to a private Christian school part-time.  What did this look like?  It meant helping with homeschooling on Tuesday and Thursdays while also trying to sew.  On the other days it meant driving them to school 30 min away and then coming back home to work and then going back to pick them up.  I'd get home, clean and cook supper and then sit on the living room floor and cut out purses.  This way I was "with" the family at least.  As business picked up more I hired someone to cut for me.  Now I was just sewing.  I normally had 20 purses waiting to be sewn up and during the holidays up to 40.  Afer the girls would go to bed I'd sew into the night, sometimes not going to bed until 2 .  My body gets very upset with me when I try to do that these days and honestly, I have no desire to do it- so I don't.  ;)


Today, at the 5 year mark, my business has slowed and I have a part time job that is very satisfying.  When I get home at night the last thing I want to do is go hide out in the sewing room while my family is relaxing together.  These precious years with our girls are flying by so fast and I don't want to miss any moment with them.  So, I pray daily for the Lord to guide me in what He wants me to do with GCC.  He's blessed me in my sewing work thus far and just when I thought He would bring me to more success, it seems like the opposite has happened.  My sales have slowed and so has my energy and my passion.  I feel like He is moving me in a different direction with my business.  What that direction is yet, I don't know.  Is it just making purses on my own schedule?  Is it making something only to bring to shows?  Maybe I need to totally switch gears and make non-CC purses.  All I know right now is that something has to change.  The thought of going through another Christmas season with 20-30 orders waiting to be filled is too hard to swallow.  It makes me want to go curl up in the corner and hibernate!  LOL


So, I said all that to announce that I am stopping my custom orders at the end of this week.  I will then put my Etsy Shop on "vacation mode".  I am not CLOSING shop, but I am also not promising that I will keep doing custom orders or even concealed carry purses.  So, if you want a CC purse please get your order in by Frdiay, July 26th.  


Here are the purses I have yet to make and their tentative ship date.  After I finish all these, I will reevaluate my business and then make an announcement as soon as I have a new business plan.  ;) 


Julie R- Ship by 7/27

Amber R. Ship by 7/27

Amanda H. Ship by 8/6

Angela S. - Ship by 8/21

Debra - Ship by 8/23

Brittany- Ship by 9/3

Pati S. - Ship by 9/3

Kayla F. - Ship by 9/6


Thank you to all my customers for all your support and encouragement!  




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