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Confession...I don't own a gun.  I have never hidden this fact, just many of you may be SHOCKED to find out that I sell concealed carry purses and I don't carry.  Well, there it is.  Will it hurt my brand?  Maybe.  I believe in being honest at all times because my success or failure does not depend on man, but on God.  


That said, I like shooting for fun.  I'm very competitive and have always liked shooting at clay pigeons or at targets.  However, I am not all that comfortable around guns.  So, I'm excited to say that next month I am taking a gun class with a group of women who are also a little nervous around guns, but don't want to be.  You can read all about it in a future post.  It should be entertaining. LoL.  ;)



So, back to the purpose of this post.  For this gun class we can bring our own gun or borrow one from the instructor.  That got me thinking,"If I were to buy a gun, what would be the best one for me?"  Which one would be the best one for you, my reader?  Maybe you already have a gun and are happy with yours.  Great!  Please leave a comment and share some of your wisdom with those of us who are clueless. 


I scoured the internet and found some articles that might be helpful to all of us looking for our first concealed carry gun. 


8 Best Guns for Woman Living Home Alone

by Gun Carrior



7 Best Handguns for Women

by Pew Pew Tactical



Top 6 Self-Defense Handguns for Women



I thought these articles were very helpful and I hope they were to you too.  It's encouraging that the industry is beginning to realize that women make up a large part of their customer base.  I certainly see that every day as I interact with all the first time gun owners looking for concealed carry purses.  


So, what gun do you carry?  Any advice for me and other readers who are looking to purchase their first gun?  


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