What People are Saying...

"Worth the money and the wait..."

"My purse is PERFECT! I’d been looking for a cc purse for a while now.....one that doesn’t look like a cc purse! Is that so hard to find? Well obviously it is but Gina has you covered on that. I didn’t want your typical leather brown or black bag that’s basically hideous or obviously screaming “I have a gun people!” I had narrowed it down to some slightly bedazzled version just to get some style, but that’s so not me and I’d just about given up....then I found this shop! Let me save you some time pondering if this is worth the money or the wait....IT IS! It doesn’t look the slightest bit like I have my handgun in there and the two locking zippers let me be flexible and safe when my kids are in tow! The quality is impeccable and the look is perfect. I can’t recommend Gina and her purses enough. Just orders yours..today!!"

- Christy from Hattiesburg, MS

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