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Hi!  I'm so excited to help you get started in choosing the perfect fabric for your purse.   Here are some links to help you get started on your search.  I'll just let you browse a bit and then if you get stuck or need some help narrowing down your choices, I am here for ya. 

Here are some links... is a great online fabric store, but it can be overwhelming at first because there are so many choices.  Hopefully these links will help you out. 

*Popular Home Decor Brand I like: Premier Prints
*Want an easy to clean fabric?  Indoor/Outdoor

*Quilting fabric is fine for the inside: Quilting

You can also search your local JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby store for fabric.  If you have never done are in for a treat!  To be able to touch the fabric and see it with your own's addicting. If you find something you like, just send me a note and I will see if I have the same fabric in my local store.  

Guidelines for choosing the perfect fabric for a GCC purse:

1. Avoid fabrics that are Knit, Stretch, Minky...
2. Keep fabric in $8.50 - $11.50 range (some wiggle room here)
3. If you tend to get your purses dirty, Gray..Gray...Gray and/or outdoor fabric. :)
4. Exterior fabric should be a medium to heavyweight home decor and the inside can be a lighter weight quilting fabric, med. weight home decor fabric or an outdoor fabric.

Another great place to find some fabric inspiration is on Facebook or Instagram. 

GCC Facebook Business Page

Gina's Concealed Carry VIP Group


If you have any other questions, just message me personally at  

Thanks for looking! ;)


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